The Reservoir Dogs are a team of criminals from the film Reservoir Dogs. They're hired by Joe Cabot and Nice Guy Eddie to go on diamond heist which goes horribly wrong. In order for their to be some confidentiality in the group the men are giving codenames which corresponds to a different color.

Mrwhite Mr. White aka Larry Dimmick †
Mr. White is the most experienced member of the Reservoir Dogs. He's able to keep his cool even if he's in a stressful environment. Mr. White seems to knows how to handle any situation he's in. While still a criminal, he shows that he's somewhat of a good guy. He becomes very concerned for Mr. Orange's well being and becomes somewhat of a father figure to him
Mrorange Mr. Orange aka Det. Freddie Newandyke †
Mr. Orange is the least experienced member when it comes to being a criminal. This is due to the fact that Mr. Orange is actually a cop named Detective Freddie Newandyke. His mission is to infiltrate the Reservoir Dogs and make sure the cops are able to bust them during their diamond heist. This means Mr. Pink was right about the team having a rat amongst them. Mr. Orange unfortunately gets shot in the stomach which leads him to bleed out for most of the movie. He reveals his true nature to Mr. White at the end of the movie which greatly upsets Mr. White since the two had become so close over the course of the movie.
Mrblonde2 Mr. Blonde aka Victor "Vic" Vega †
Like Mr. Whate, Mr. Blonde is able to stay calm in stressful situations. Although this is because he's a cold psychopath. He has no feelings of remorse or mercy whatsoever. It's said when the diamon robbery goes wrong he starts shooting innocent people. Later in the film it's revealed that he loves to torture people because it's an act of pleasure for him. Mr. Blonde also planned on stealing the diamonds for himself.
Mrpink Mr. Pink
Despite liking 6 cups of coffee, Mr. Pink is one of the more level-headed members of the Reservoir Dogs. His main concern throughout the movie is to act professional. Mr. Pink was able to figure out they had a rat amongst the team. He also hates his codename.
Mrbrown Mr. Brown †
Mr. Brown is mainly known for his fixation on the song "Like a Virgin" by Madonna being a metaphor about a girl who likes big dicks.
Mrblue Mr. Blue †
Mr. Blue is the most mysterious member of the Reservoir Dogs. Little to nothing is known about him. When he's on screen he barely says a word. His fate after the robbery is unknown except that he took off. It's implied that he died.