"I'll be so lonley. I'll be so lonely. I'll be so lonely I could die." - Mentor

The Mentor is a character from the film True Romance. He only shows up as an apparition to give Clarence advice.

Events in the filmEdit

The Mentor appears to Clarence when he's upset about Alabama's boss Drexl Spivey. He tells Clarence he should kill Drexl because no cop would miss a pimp.

The only other time the Mentor appears in the film is towards the end. Clarence is nervous about how his drug deal with Lee Donowitz is going. The Mentor tells him he's doing just fine.


The Mentor is shown to be very calm and cool. He's able to calm down Clarence when he's feeling nervous or frustrated.

While he's good about calming Clarence, his only advice seems to be about how to get away with murder.

Because Elvis Presley is Clarence's favorite person, the Mentor appears in the form of Elvis.

Since the Mentor appears as Elvis Presley, he's shown to be a good singer.